Release notes


  • Released 16/08/2018
  • You can now allow a pause between the playback and the recording by the user in a consecutive interpreting exercise. 


  • Released 27/11/2017
  • change : when remotely activating Maximized mode from TCC, the button bar is no longer hidden
  • Bugfix : student/teacher choice dialog was not translated


  • Released 10/10/2017
  • change : license check adapted to support running different (virtualized) operating systems on the same machine without requiring a different license for Sonus
  • Bugfix : Media Codec Pack installer was not correctly integrated in Sonus installer


  • Released 22/09/2017
  • Bugfix : when going from "shrinked" state to "maximized" state by double clicking the header bar, the waveform was not rescaled correctly
  • Bugfix : some buttons were not disabled when launching the Sonus in "teacher control" mode
  • Add-on : installation of Media Player Codec Pack is now integrated in the Sonus installer
  • Add-on : Recording tab of the global config now has a checkbox "Also record the incoming source stream" which can be used in a Dante based interpreter training setup to record the floor signal along with the student mic


  • Released : 06/03/2017
  • New feature : possibility to swap tracks of an audio file (in order to use a student recording as source file for others)
  • Bugfix : Sonus could crash when receiving a negative videocapture device index from the Avidanet client


  • Released 07/12/2016
  • Bugfix : deleting an audio selection repeatedly could corrupt the WAV header of the audiofile


  • Released 30/09/2016
  • bugfix : adding bookmarks/subtitles could fail on long files (> 30 min)
  • bugfix : audio capture devicenames could get truncated, resulting in no audio in video recordings
  • improvement : use reworked version of WpfMediaKit to reduce lag in video preview
  • known issue : reworked WpfMediaKit is no longer compatible with Mp3 codec
  • add-on : possibility to select video and audio codec to be used during video recording(use DivX instead of MPEG Layer3)
  • improvement : resolution selection now only shows resolutions supported by the selected camera. FPS no longer selectable (optimal FPS is selected by default)
  • add-on : camera property dialog can be opened from configuration screen (for instance to set Anti Flicker correctly)


  • Released 09/05/2016
  • bugfix : not only block "maximize screen" but also "maximize video content" in virtualization mode
  • bugfix : when creating a long recording, and then rejecting that recording, waveform of subsequent recordings could be scaled incorrectly
  • bugfix : after rejecting a first recording, the "Append" button was still visible
  • bugfix : an AVI file created by doing a video-only Avidanet copymute streaming sometimes could not be played back by Sonus
  • bugfix : better support for simultaneous registration key activation of multiple Sonuses
  • bugfix : when switching to restricted mode while playback tempo was > 1, the tempo slider was hidden but value was not reset to 1.
  • improvement : the default video playback method doesn't support 16-bit colordepth. A popup now allows to increase the colordepth setting to 32-bit.
  • improvement : better support for playback of video-only files (empty audio track is automatically added)
  • improvement : "negotiation" with Avidanet client added, so that client can release webcam when Sonus needs it
  • improvement : font size of overlay subtitles has been increased
  • add-on : the user interface has been adapted to work on a tablet with touch screen. This alternative user interface can be activated through the config screen
  • add-on : a recording can now be paused
  • add-on : some basic editing functionality was added: extracting audio or video part from a video, inserting a blank, deleting or extracting a portion of an audio file


  • Released 18/05/2015
  • Added : support for standalone use of Sonus in restricted mode (possible through "app whitelist" functionality of Avidanet 2.12). In this mode the student is allowed to close the Sonus.
  • Added : possibility in "Playback only mode" to jump to any location within an audio/video file by clicking the waveform display.


  • Released 03/04/2015
  • Added : support for Russian user interface
  • Added : use of IMEC codec for video recordings
  • Bugfix : when launched from Avidanet with a file, the tempo slider was always hidden. Now it is visible when launched in normal mode, invisible in other modes (restricted/playbackonly/teachercontrol).


  • Released 19/02/2015
  • Change : when running in a remote desktop session, the Sonus window size is limited to contain a video window of max 640x480


  • Released 16/02/2015
  • Improvement : expired licenses are no longer automatically deleted. This way the expiry date can be extended by Televic, and Sonus will automatically re-authenticate the updated license.
  • Extension : support for "-maximized" and "-repeat" commandline arguments
  • Change : move to a different use of WaveIn (event based instead of function callbacks) due to possible crashes caused by some audio drivers.
  • Improvement : when doubleclicking an AV file while Sonus is already open, the Sonus will now load the clicked file.


  • Released 14/01/2015
  • Bugfix : new license mechanism was activated not only for new installs but also after an update.
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