How to collect the LOG files

When asked by Televic Education to supply us with the LOG files in order to diagnose a problem that has occurred in your installation, please follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the TCC

  2. Make sure all clients are logged in to the TCC. This includes all student PC's and external sources such as DVD, ....
    The student PC's need to be connected with an account to the desktop.

  3. Go into the TCC admin mode. You can do this by clicking on the teacher icon in the upper left corner of the TCC user interface or by clicking on the teacher desk at the centre bottom of the TCC interface and then clicking on the administrator icon in the dialog that will be opened.

  4. Enter the administrator password 'TCCADMIN'

  5. Now, click on the configuration icon 

  6. Open the "Advanced settings" tab and click on "Logging"

  7. In this window, you can collect all LOG files or specify a date for which the LOG files should be collected.

  8. Click on the "Collect" button. 
    Once all LOG files have been collected, they will automatically be zipped into a single ZIP file and an explorer window will be opened in the directory where the ZIP file has been created.

  9.    Transfer the ZIP file to Televic Education. 





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