How to enable/disable extensive logging

When asked by Televic Education to enable extensive logging, please follow the steps below.

Do not forget to disable the extensive logging again after the problem in your installation has been diagnosed since extensive logging will generate considerable LOG files on the teacher computer.

Please refer to the article "How to collect the LOG files" in order to collect all necessary LOG files for sending to Televic Education.

  1. Launch the TCC

  2. Go into the TCC admin mode. You can do this by clicking on the teacher icon in the upper left corner of the TCC user interface or by clicking on the teacher desk at the centre bottom of the TCC interface and then clicking on the administrator icon in the dialog that will be opened.

  3. Enter the administrator password 'TCCADMIN'
  4. Now, click on the configuration icon 

  5. Open the "Advanced settings" tab and click on "Logging"

  6. In this window, you can activate or deactivate extensive logging. 

  7. Do not check "... with log window on the student computers"

  8. Do not check "Suspend log writing during file collects" unless explicitely asked by Televic Education.
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