Activities using an audio or video file


Use this option in the New Activity dialog if you will broadcast or send an existing speech from your PC. 


To set up an activity using an audio or video file, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the + New activity button in the top right of the Room screen.
    Result: The New activity wizard appears. 
  2. Click the green button. 
  3. Select This PC
  4. Select the method to pass the audio or video file:
    • Broadcast the desktop of this PC.
    • Broadcast the sound of this PC. 
    • Play a file.
    • Send a file for the interpreters to work individually. 
  5. Click Next
    Result: The Options tab appears. 
  6. Determine the properties for this activity:
    • (Un)Check the option to stream only part of the desktop.
      Result: the Select zone button will appear.
    • Select the zone of the desktop you want to stream. 
    • (Un)check the option to record the participant mics. 
    • (Un)check the option to collect the participant work for review.
    • Enter the Session name
    • Enter Instructions, which will appear on the participant's screen. 
    • Adjust the Volume
  7. Click Start

Result: The activity has started and appears on the participant's screen. 

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