Creating a PowerPoint URL


As a first step, the teacher has to be able to create a direct link to a certain quiz/poll activity from within collaborationQ. He can create this link only for quiz/poll activities, and only when they are in status "Not started". When creating this link, he has to enter an additional password that only he knows. 

Prerequisite: LiveSlides

The teacher has to install the Liveslides PowerPoint add-in from


Note: A link can only be created for Quiz / Poll activities, and only when they are in status "Not started".

 To create a PowerPoint URL, proceed as follows:

  1. Click a lecture in the Portal. 
    Result: The lecture screen is displayed, showing an overview of the activities in this lecture.
  2. Click  next to an activity. 
  3. Click Create PowerPoint URL
    Result: The Create PowerPoint URL wizard appears. 
  4. Enter a Password
  5. Click Create URL
    Result: The URL has been created. 
  6. Click Copy URL
    Result: The URL is now copied to your clipboard. 

Next step

Adding the quiz in PowerPoint

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