2. Adding a lecture


A lecture is an instance of a course that takes place at a certain time. A lecture is available for a number of participants and/or groups, and has a "lecturer". A lecture is displayed on the portal, and can contain a number of activities.


To add a lecture, proceed as follows:

  1. Click  in the top right corner of the Portal screen.
    Result: The Add a lecture wizard appears. 

  2. Fill in the Properties for this lecture:
    • Enter the lecture Name.
    • Select the Date, Start time and Duration of the lecture.
    • Select the Lecturer for this lecture. By default the name of the signed in user is selected here.
    • Select the Course this lecture belongs to. 
    • Check or uncheck the Enable microphone and webcam option.

      Note: This option enables the speaking and conversation activities, screen monitoring, teacher intercom and discrete listening.

  3. Click Next at the bottom right of the window. 
  4. Select the participants for this lecture and click >. Participants are individual users or entire groups.

Result: The selected participants are moved to the Selected participants column.

Tip: Use Ctrl + click to select multiple participants and/or groups at once.

Double click on a user or group to add them to the selected participants.

4.  Click Finish.
     Result: The lecture is added to the portal.

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3. Adding an activity to a lecture

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