1. Configuring the Plixus network


Certain installations allow to use several rooms either independently or coupled together. A reconfiguration is necessary when switching between both scenarios:

  • In “independent” mode, 2 Central Units control the Plixus network of each room independently, and 2 Interpreter Control Center applications (interpreterQ) control the booths of each room independently.
  • In “coupled” mode, only 1 single Central Unit is powered and the Plixus networks of both rooms are interconnected. Only 1 teacher application is running, and controls the booths of both rooms.


To configure the Plixus network, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure Interpreter Control Center (ICC) is not launched. 
  2. Power off both central units. 
  3. Change the network connections in the rack. 
    Not coupled mode (before):
    oupled mode (after):

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2. Selecting the correct language setup


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