Screen monitoring


Note: Google Chrome requires the installation of an extension to activate screen sharing. Go to Device settings to do so if necessary. 

To use the screen monitoring functionality with an individual participant, proceed as follows:

  1. When a speaking activity is In progress, click Participants in the left-hand side menu. 
  2. Select a participant.
  3. Click the  symbol on the top right of the screen.

Result: You can monitor the screen of the participant.

Note: When the participant does not give permission to share his screen, or when his device or browser does not support screen monitoring, you will see a warning icon next to the participant in the participant list. In that case you cannot monitor the screen of that participant. 

Tip: The participant gets the question to share his screen every time he opens a lecture. So if he has clicked "Deny" by accident, he can return to the portal, reopen the lecture and click "Allow".

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