Release notes v3.30

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Reporting on inactive users in a schedule

Until now, Edumatic schedule reports only listed the results of users (students, candidates, employees) who actually started a publication in a schedule.

Starting from Edumatic V3.30.0, a new feature is available in the Edumatic schedule reporting allowing you to see the users who did not start scheduled publications.


For more information, see How to generate a schedule report including inactive users.

Support for LTI

Starting from Edumatic V3.30.0, LTI is supported in Edumatic.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is an IMS Global standard that allows integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) in a standard way across learning systems.

To learn more on how to add Edumatic as an external app to your LMS and how to create a link in your LMS to an existing Edumatic publication, please find our LTI integration documentation in the Edumatic Knowledge Database.

If you are interested in an Edumatic LTI integration in your LMS, please do not hesitate to contact us (

Known issues

  • Matrix item:
    The use of inline images in the column headers of a Matrix item causes a system freeze. It is advised not to use this functionality.
  • Support for IE11:
    Please note that Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default browser. Edge is a faster and more productive way to browse the web than IE11.
    Starting from 2019 the Edumatic player will show a warning to recommend using Edge instead of IE.

Minor changes and optimizations

Edumatic V3.30


  • Optimization for reloading items in workspace.
  • Optimization for changing letter size in dropdown in text.


  • When finishing a publication containing a SCORM package, the browser closing warning is no longer shown.
  • Optimization for visualization of hint when resizing the browser window.
  • Optimization for visualization of error specific feedback.
  • Optimization for visualization of component titles.


  • Optimization in Edge for session end date for publications containing a SCORM package.
  • Open question: optimization for visualization of answer in case instruction was copied to answer field.

 Manual scoring

  • Optimization for saving manually entered score.
  • Optimization for use of arrows for scoring. 

Patches V3.29 

  • New player template setting for showing end result

    As an author, you can now select whether the end result should be shown in percentage or in points. You can additionally decide whether or not to show the component results.

    By default the end result is not shown. 

    You find this new option in the player template settings On finish
  • Player:
    • Optimization for visualization of PDF pop-up in player
    • Optimization of usability of hint on touch devices.
    • Optimization for changing time restriction on publication after browser refresh
    • Fill gaps: Optimization for spaces in input mask
    • Optimization for expired browsers sessions
    • Optimization for uploaded video files
  • Workspace: An asterisk is no longer shown upon changing item name
  • Publications: Optimization for uploading SCORM packages
  • Reporting:
    • Optimization for uploaded recordings
    • Optimization for CSV exports.
    • Optimization for communication of results to eblox‑HR
    • Optimization for visualization of selected answers in Select text
    • Optimization for communication of results to eblox-HR for publications containing SCORM packages
  • Access code page:
    • Optimization for language parameter in access code page URL
    • Optimization for caching of access code page
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