Adding a time limit to an item


As an author, you can add a time limit to an item.

For items with a time limit, a timer is displayed in the top right of the player. 


If the user leaves the item before the time limit expires and later returns to this item, the timer will resume where the the user left.
For example:
An item has a time limit of 30 seconds. The user leaves the item after 20 seconds. After answering other questions, the user returns to this item. The timer resumes at 10 seconds.

As soon as the time limit expires, the item will be shown in read only mode to the users, i.e. the users will no longer be able to answer the item or to edit their answer. 

When used in combination with the assignment template setting Automatic navigation to the next item upon expiry of the time limit, the user will automatically move to the next item when the time limit expires. 
See Activating autonavigation in the player


Proceed as follows to add a time limit to an item:

  1. Open the Item tab.
  2. Open Time limit
    • Select Use item time limit.
    • Enter the desired time limit.



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