Controlling the playback of media files


As an author, you can configure the following settings for the playback of audio and video files:

  • Limit on media playback
    When a limit is set, the user can only play the media a limited number of times.

    This setting is only applied in the assessmentQ player if the assignment template setting Use limit on number of audio/video reproductions is enabled, see Settings on item level.

  • Autoplay and display of playback controls
    When autoplay is enabled, the media file is automatically played back when the user opens the item.

    The autoplay is not applied to the first item of the assignment. 

    If, in addition, the playback controls are disabled, the user does not see the Play and Pause buttons.
  • Displaying volume controls
    When the volume controls are disabled, the user cannot control the volume.

  • Displaying the progress bar
    When disabled, the user does not see the progress.

Default configuration 

By default:

  • There is no limit on the playback number.
  • The autoplay is not activated and the user controls the playback himself using the Play and Pause buttons.
  • Volume controls are enabled. 
  • The progress bar is shown.



 Proceed as follows to change the playback options:

  1. Click in the content block that contains the media file.
  2. Apply the desired settings in the Block tab:
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