Activating autonavigation in the player


As an author, you can activate automatic navigation for items with time limits

In case a component contains only items with time limits, the user can only navigate forward through the items: 

  • No navigation buttons are shown: the user will automatically move to the next item when the time limit of the item expires. 
  • No content tree is shown.
  • No finish button is shown: the component is automatically closed when the time limite on the last item expires.

In components containing a mixture of items with time limits and items without time limits, the user can freely navigate through the items. Items for which the time limit has expired are shown in read only mode:

  • No navigation buttons nor content tree are shown for items with time limits as long as the time limit has not expired. The user will automatically move to the next item when the time limit expires.
  • The navigation buttons and the content tree are shown for items without time limits.
  • In case the user navigates to an item with time limit for which the time limit has expired, the item is shown in read only mode, i.e. the user will no longer be able to answer the item or to edit the answer. 
  • In case the last item in the component has a time limit, the item will be shown in read only mode when the time limit expires and the navigation and finish buttons will be activated. It is up to the user to finish the component. 

See also Adding a time limit to an item


Proceed as follows to activate autonavigation for items with time limits: 

  1. In the Publications module, select In creation or To validate.
  2. Click Edit  in the rightmost column next to the publication you want to edit.
  3. Select the Player template tab.
  4. Select Settings on publication level.
  5. Select Automatic navigation to the next item upon expiry of the time limit:

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