Activating a character map in the player


As an author, you can activate the following tools in assessmentQ:

  • activate a character map 

    When this tool is enabled, the user can use a character palette to easily insert special characters. 

    This tool is available in typologies in which the user must enter text, such as an open-ended question or gap text. 


  • Calculator

Note: You need appropriate rights to have access to this functionality. To receive access, contact Televic Education via or contact your assessmentQ account manager. 


Proceed as follows to activate the character map in the player:

  1. In the Publications module, select In creation or To validate.
  2. Click Edit  in the rightmost column next to the publication in which you want to activate the character map.
  3. Select the Player template tab.
  4. Select Look and feel.
  5. Select Enable the character map or Enable the calculator in the Diversity settings:
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