Limitations of the offline player

When using offline packages, please note that offline packages only work on Windows PCs.

As the .exe file works completely disconnected from the Internet, please keep in mind that:

  • The same .exe file and access code can be used on multiple computers. It is important that the supervisor in the examination room ensures that the candidate does not enter his or her access code on a second computer.
  • When a computer crashes and a candidate has to take the exam on another computer, he or she will have to start over because his or her answers were only saved on the PC that crashed.
  • The offline player starts full screen, but you can still switch to another Windows application using the ALT + F4 key combination. The fact that the player starts full screen will not prevent candidates from accessing other applications or resources. 
  • Some standard assessmentQ features do not work in offline mode:
    • Complex mathematical and chemical formulas using Wiris
    • Reading text aloud using ReadSpeaker
    • The item types Upload file(s), Dialog, Recording 
    • Attachments linked to an item
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