Organising offline exams

The process of organising an exam with offline packages includes the following steps:

  1. Creating access codes for the exam.
    See Creating access codes for a publication.
  2. Generating the offline package (by API). 
  3. Distributing the package (.exe file) to the exam center: 
    the offline package must be placed on each computer in the examination room.
  4. Launching the exam:
    the exam room supervisor runs the .exe file on each computer.
    Result: The assessmentQ access code page is shown. 
  5. Taking the exam:
    the candidate enters his access code and completes the exam.
    Result: The candidate returns to the access code page. The access code can no longer be used on the candidate's computer. The results are saved in an encrypted file on the candidate's computer (.aqr format) in the same folder where the .exe file is located. 
  6. Collecting the results:
    the supervisor collects the .aqr files for upload to assessmentQ.
  7. Uploading the .aqr files (by API). 
    Result: The results are shown in the assessmentQ reporting modules.  

Note: An .aqr file can be uploaded until the candidate has completed the exam. From the moment the  .aqr file of a completed exam is uploaded, an error message will be returned when you try to upload the .aqr file again.

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