Where are the interpreterQ recordings saved by default?

Default location

Our system uses a LiveDrive both on student PCs and on the teacher PC.  Files that are sent to the students to work on are first copied to the LiveDrive of the teacher, then sent to the LiveDrives of the students to work on, and at the end of the exercise optionally collected back to the LiveDrive of the teacher for review.


Students can easily access their LiveDrive by right-clicking the little student icon in the Windows taskbar.

Teachers can do the same, but they can also see all collected recordings in the Review screen of interpreterQ, where they have the option “Open in Explorer” to open the file location in Windows Explorer.


The actual folder location for the LiveDrive is configurable. We advise however to keep the default setting, which is a “Televic Education” subfolder under “My Documents”. This way all files are linked to the specific student or teacher account, and students or teachers do not access each other’s files.  

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