Using Quick Publish


Proceed as follows to use the Quick publish feature:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the folder you want to publish.
  2. Click on Quick publish.
    Result: A dialog window with a wizard appears. The wizard will guide you through the Quick Publish process. 
  3. In the step Goal, choose what you want to do. 

    Note: If you don't see all available options, you may not have all the required permissions. Please check the article Roles and Permissions related to Quick Publish for more information.  

    Result: You go to the next step Settings.

  4. In the step Settings, determine the settings of the publication you'll create and click on Next.

    Result: If you create a draft publication, you immediately proceed to the step Preview. Otherwise, you go to the step Timing
  5. In the step timing, determine when the publication should be available for your end users and click Next.
    • If you are scheduling a publication on the portal, enter the start and end dates between which the publication will be accessible to your users via the portal.
    • If you generate access codes, you can optionally enter start and end dates between which the access codes can be used.
  6. In the step Participants, determine for whom the publication should be available (individuals or groups) and click Next.
  7. In the step Overview, you will get an overview of what will happen as a result of your Quick Publish action. Click Save on the bottom right to finish.
    Result: The dialog window will close and a confirmation message will appear.
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