Limitations of Quick Publish

With Quick Publish, backoffice users that have the required permissions can deliver content from within the item bank without requiring to access the Edumatic backoffice at all. This way, the “basic workflow” (from item to delivery) is completely supported in the assessmentQ backoffice.

Because this is a Quick Publish, you do not have all the options available that you would have in Edumatic, only the most important ones.

In Quick Publish, you cannot: 

  • Add a time limit for a part.
  • Override assignment template settings.
  • Change the order of parts or items in an assignment.
  • Add or remove parts.
  • Define different minimum scores per part (all parts have the same minimum score).
  • Send notification emails for a schedule.
  • Add more than one assignment to a schedule.
  • Add a fixed end time to the access codes. 
  • You cannot publish the items in alphabetical order.

All of these options remain possible in Edumatic

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