Installing the Edumatic application


Proceed as follows to install the Edumatic application on your PC or Mac:

  1. Download the Edumatic application
  2. Install the application by double-clicking on the file and completing the steps in the wizard. 
  3. When all backoffice users have installed the Edumatic application, notify the support desk of Televic Education. The support desk will then make sure that all links from assessmentQ to Edumatic will open the Edumatic application. This way, you no longer need Flash in the browser. 


It is important that the application is installed by all users of the Edumatic backoffice in your environment.

Users who have not installed the Edumatic application on their PC will not be able to open the Edumatic backoffice from the assessmentQ back office. A message will be displayed asking them to install the Edumatic application.

If the Edumatic application does not start, you will find an overview of known problems here.

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