Uploading the result files

Procedures for uploading results

During the offline examination, the files with the results (.aqr format) are saved in a specific folder on the candidate's computer. These .aqr files must be uploaded to the assessmentQ server.

There are two ways of uploading .aqr files to assessmentQ:

The result of both procedures is identical: after uploading, the results are directly visible in the Q-assessment report modules and can be retrieved by API.

Note: The download of an .aqr file is possible as long as the candidate has not completed the examination. As soon as the .aqr file of a completed exam is uploaded, it is not possible to upload the aqr file again.

Uploading with assessmentQ Offline Result Service

The assessmentQ Offline Result Service is a Windows service that must be installed on every computer in the examination room before the examinations begin:

  • The Windows service monitors the folder in which the .aqr files are saved.
  • Whenever an .aqr file appears in this folder, the file is automatically uploaded to assessmentQ as soon as an internet connection is available.
  • As soon as an examination has been completed and the .aqr file has been successfully uploaded, the extension of the .aqr file is changed to .bak, so that there is a backup file.
  • After two weeks, the backup files are automatically deleted from the computers.

For this procedure, an internet connection must be available on the candidates' computers for the results to be uploaded:

  • If there is an internet connection during the examinations, the results are uploaded continuously to the server.
  • If there is no internet connection during the exams, the computers will have to be connected to the internet after each exam to upload the .aqr files.

Note: If you want to use the assessmentQ Offline Result Service, please contact Televic Education via support@televic-education.com.

Uploading with AssessmentQ API 

The supervisor collects the .aqr files from all the candidates' computers. The results files are then uploaded to the assessmentQ server via the assessmentQ API.

This procedure does not require an internet connection on the candidates' computers.

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