Exporting and importing items for cross-channel sharing


As an author, you can share items from your assessmentQ channel with other assessmentQ channels. To exchange content you can:

  • export a folder from your item bank to an assessmentQ package (.aqp format) to import it in another assessmentQ channel.
  • import assessmentQ packs that you recieve from other assessmentQ channels in your item bank. 

Exporting a folder to an assessmentQ package

To export a folder in the item bank, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the folder.
  2. Click on Export and then on assessmentQ package. 
    Result: Your folder will be exported in the .aqp format.

Importing an assessmentQ package

To import a .aqp package into the item bank:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the folder. 
  2. Click on Import.
  3. Drag the exported package to the dropzone or Browse for the package.
    Result: The contents of your package will be imported in the selected folder.


  • The possibility to export and import zip files has been removed from Edumatic.
  • Because the extension has changed to .aqp, older zip files can no longer be imported in assessmentQ (you need to export the content again as an .aqp file.)
  • Metadata are not included in the export.


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