How to assign admin, author, coach or grader rights to a user


An administrator can assign rights in the backoffice by adding people or groups to existing system groups. In this article we'll discuss two different ways on how to assign rights. You can distinguish these two ways by the amount of backoffice users you want to assign rights to.

  • Assigning rights individually is ment for organisations with just a few backoffice users (not more than 5).
  • Assign rights on group level if your organisation has more than five backoffice users.

Assign rights individually

To explain this section we'll use the admin rights as an example. All other rights are assigned on the same way.

To assign admin rights to a user, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Management in the backoffice.
  2. Go to Groups.
  3. Add the user to the system group Channel Admins.


    • If it concerns a new user, click on


    • Create the new user:


If you want to assign author, coach or grader rights, use the same procedure but with the corresponding system groups (Authors, Coaches and Graders).

Assign rights on group level

  1. Create a new group in the Management module: groups


  2. Add the users who may all have the same rights to your newly created group in the users-tab (more info: Adding users to a user group)


  3. Add content to the group so users can see this content when they sign in to the assessmentQ backoffice. Depending on the role you can add publications (Authors, Coaches and graders) and/or folders (Authors). Channel Admins can always see anything so it's not necessary to add content to Channel Admins, because they can see anything in the backoffice.


  4. Click on the system group (Authors, Coachers, Graders or Channel Admins) you want to use for the users in your new group and go to the Groups-tab. Add your newly created group to this system group. Repeat this step if you want to give the users in your group multiple rights.


  5. Result: All users in the group have now backoffice rights and can see the content they're allocated to.

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