About manual scoring

In the Edumatic Manual Scoring module, a coach can manually evaluate the answers for:

  • Open questions
  • Recording exercises
  • Upload file(s)

If you save a manual correction, the publication changes to Evaluation mode.

  • As long as a publication is in evaluation mode, the changes to the scores are not visible to the users.
  • If the coach applies his changes, the updated scores will be visible to the users in the publication review.
  • If the coach discards his changes, the updates of the session scores and items are removed and the publication returns to its original state.
  • As long as the coach does not apply or discard his changes, the updated item sessions are locked for other coaches. If the evaluation mode is applied or discarded, all items and item sessions locks are removed.

If a coach saves a manual correction, the publication changes to evaluation mode. A yellow bar is displayed at the top of the screen indicating that the publication is in evaluation mode.

In the publications overview in the Manual scoring module, the publications which you are evaluating are highlighted in red.

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