Getting access to the Grading module

Who gets access?

To get access to the Grading module, you have to be part of the "Graders" system group. Administrators also have access out of the box, as they can see everything in the backoffice.

Coaches or authors do not have access to the Grading module.

What do you see?

In the Grading module, every Grader will only see the assignments he has access to. Graders can get access to an assignment

  • because they also have the author role: authors have access to all the assignments they created
  • or because another author shared the assignment with them 
  • or because the administrator gave them access to an assignment in the "Management" module.

Assignments will have one of these three statuses in the Grading module:

  • To be graded
  • Grading in progress
  • Grading completed

By default the list of assignments a grader sees is filtered on the statuses "To be graded" and "Grading in progress". Assignments with the status "Grading completed" are still accessible by changing the filter on top of the list. 



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