Navigating in the Grading module

Navigating to a specific answer

To navigate to a specific answer in the Grading module, proceed as follows:

  1. In the assessmentQ backoffice, go to Reporting > Grading.

    Note: If you don't see the Grading module under Reporting, you might not have the required access. Please check the article Getting access to the Grading module.

    Result: You will see a list of assignments that you still need to grade.
  2. Click on the assignments you want to grade. 
    Result: You will see all the questions that need to be graded. Questions that are completely scored automatically, like multiple-choice questions, will not be visible. You will also see the minimum and maximum score for each question, and whether it has already been graded before (e.g. by a different grader). 
  3. Click on the question you want to grade.
    Result: You will see the list of candidates who have submitted an answer to this question, their session ID, and when their session started and ended. You will also see the automatic score that this question already got, if any. 
  4. Click on the answer you want to correct.
    Result: You can see the submitted answer and can assign a final grade to it.  

Navigating to another answer or student

When you have selected an assignment you want to grade, you will see an additional toolbar that allows you to navigate within the assignment easily:


  • Click the icon mceclip6.png to go back to the overview of questions you can grade within the assignment. 
  • Select the answer to another question by the same student in the first dropdown list.
  • Select the answer to the same question by another student in the second dropdown list.
  • Or use the Previous and Next arrows on the right to navigate through all answers sequentially. 
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