Keywords in open questions

About keywords

In an open question, you can use keywords:

  • assessmentQ will provide detailed feedback on the keywords that were found or missing in the user's answer.
  • On the basis of the keywords found or missing in the user's answer, assessmentQ can automatically correct the answers to open questions.
  • The automatic correction takes into account negations within a certain range around the keywords. More information.
  • assessmentQ will also automatically calculate a score for keywords that were found or missing in the user's answer.

Types of keywords

There are four types of keywords:

  • Correct keywords:
  • Incorrect keywords (or keywords you absolutely cannot use):
  • Linked keywords (or keywords that must appear together for a score to be awarded):
  • Bonus keywords (which result in a bonus score when found):


Proceed as follows to add keywords to an open question:

  1. Open your open question and click in the Model answer block.
  2. Click mceclip4.pngto add a keyword. 
    Result: The Keyword tab opens.
  3. In the Keyword tab:
    • Enter your keyword.
    • Indicate whether the keyword is correct or incorrect by clicking on the correction icon.
    • Optionally add feedback by clicking on the feedback icon.
    • If you use the automatic keyword score and you want to change the score for your keyword, click on the score next to the keyword.
    • If you want to add a bonus keyword or a linked keyword, select Bonus keyword or Linked keyword.
    • If you want to change the default settings for the distance between the two words (maximum two words) or the score for the bonus keyword (1 point), click mceclip5.png.

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