Release notes assessmentQ 1.6

In these release notes

In assessmentQ 1.6, the open question is available as a new item type in assessmentQ. With the open question, we are also introducing a new Grading module that allows you to evaluate open questions manually. 

Further, this release contains several improvements to the item bank, and two additional languages are available in the assessmentQ portal and player. 

Below we will explain the new features one by one:

Open question

The open question item type in assessmentQ contains several unique features, such as

  • the possibility to show pre-filled text to the user
  • showing a model answer as solution to the user
  • using keywords to correct and score the user's answer automatically
  • detecting negations around keywords to optimise the automatic correction
  • the possibility to limit the length of the input
  • different scoring mechanisms

Example in the backoffice:


Example in the assessmentQ player:


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Grading module

The Grading module allows a Grader to give a score to a user's answer to an open question. The Grading module is a submodule of the Reporting module in assessmentQ.


To allow external graders to work efficiently in assessmentQ, we have added the new Grader role. When graders sign in to assessmentQ, they will automatically end up on the Grading module and see the tests or exams they are supposed to grade.  

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Full screen item preview

In assessmentQ 1.6, the item preview uses all available screen real estate. This is an improvement when compared to previous versions.

Further, a new icon mceclip5.pnghas been added to the top bar of the item preview. When you click it, the item is displayed in a new browser tab, so you can see your item in exactly the same way as your user will.


Publication time limits in Quick publish

The Quick Publish wizard contains the option to define the time limit on publication level in assessmentQ 1.6. This means you no longer need the Edumatic backoffice to do so. 


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Support for Portuguese and Luxembourgish

assessmentQ 1.6 supports 2 new languages in the portal and player:

  • Portuguese
  • Luxembourgish




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