Negations around keywords

About negations

In assessmentQ you can use keywords for the correction and automatic scoring of answers to open questions.

The scoring and correction algorithm can also take into account negations in the answer. 

If a keyword is found in the user's answer, but this keyword is preceded or followed by a negation (e.g. "no", "not" or "don't") the keyword is ignored, i.e.:

  • no score is given for the correct keywords.
  • no score is deducted for incorrect keywords.

assessmentQ contains a default list of negations per language. As the author, you can add additional negations, delete negations, or change the default distance between negations and keywords.


Proceed as follows to manage negations in an open question:

  1. Open your open question and click in the Model answer block.
    Result: The Block tab opens. 
  2. Select the language of the answer.
    The choice of language is important for the negations that will be used (e.g. "not" in English instead of "pas" in French).
  3. Select Detect negations.
    Result: assessmentQ shows the default negations for the selected language.
  4. If you want to change the default range between negations and keywords (maximum two words), click the Distance icon next to the negation.
  5. If you want to add negations, click the Plus icon.
  6. If you want to remove negations, click the trash can icon.

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