Securing your assignment with Safe Exam Browser (SEB)


When you create a an exam assignment as an author, you can choose to secure your exam with Safe Exam Browser (SEB), see Using quick publish:


The .seb configuration file

The behaviour of Safe Exam Browser and the allowed applications and settings are determined by a .seb configuration file. You can choose to use the default SEB configuration, or to upload your own .seb configuration file.



  • The default configuration of Safe Exam Browser includes:
    • The SEB taskbar with
      • visible reload button
      • visible clock
      • visible Quit button
    • active audio control
    • video capture and webcam capture are allowed
    • no additional applications allowed
    • no URL filtering
    • no spell checker
  • If you want to use your own custom configuration, you need to upload your own .seb file.

If that file is encrypted


you must enter the Settings password from Safe Exam Browser so that assessmentQ can decrypt the file:

The password to exit SEB

When your assignment is secured with Safe Exam Browser, you will always need to enter a password to close SEB. This password may only be known by the exam supervisor, not by the candidates.


It is typically used to shut down SEB for a candidate in the event of an incident during an exam (e.g. when he needs to use another PC). 

When the candidate completes his exam in assessmentQ, SEB will be automatically closed on the candidate's computer.

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