Release notes assessmentQ 1.7

In these release notes

assessmentQ 1.7 focuses on the security of your exams: by means of the seamless integration of Safe Exam Browser in the publishing process, you will be able to deliver secure exams fast and easily.

Further, a publication in the assessmentQ player contains a few new features:

  • A launch page with buttons allowing you to start, restart, resume and/or review your publication. 
  • A new look and feel for messages in the player.

Below we will explain the new features one by one:

Integration of Safe Exam Browser

Customer who already work with Safe Exam Browser know it is great free tool to secure your exams, as it blocks access to other websites and to applications and resources on the PC. 

So far, using Safe Exam Browser with assessmentQ still required the manual distribution of configuration files to the users or candidates. Further, it was recommended to use Safe Exam Browser in combination with access codes in asessmentQ, as it was hard to use secured publications when you started them from your own platform or from the assessmentQ portal.

Thanks to the seamless integration of Safe Exam Browser in assessmentQ's Quick Publish wizard, you can now

  • launch secure exams from your own platform, the assessmentQ portal or the access code page. 
  • deliver secure exams without having to distribute configuration files to your students or candidates.


More information

New launch page in a publication

A publication now contains a launch page, which is an extra page that appears before you actually start the publication. This launch page contains

  • buttons to start, restart, resume and/or review a publication (depending on the action that is allowed). These buttons were previously only available on the assessmentQ portal, but are now available for any publication, independent of whether you start if from your own platform, the assessmentQ portal or the assessmentQ access page.
  • extra information, like a 4-digit pin code, when your publication will start in Safe Exam Browser.

Note that existing integration with third-party platforms will not have this page automatically, so existing integrations do not change. However, it can be added in case you want this. 


New look and feel for messages in the player

The messages in the assessmentQ player have been revamped by our design team, and now stand out even better. This is a purely cosmetic improvement, and does not change anything to the actual functionality. 




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