What's new in interpreterQ 1.0?

Below you can find an overview of the new features in interpreterQ 1.0

  • A new user interface
    • in line with the Televic house style and other Televic Education applications
    • very user-friendly, and
    • tested and approved by interpreting tutors
  • The ability to control conference table microphones from the Interpreter Control Center (ICC)
  • Store up to 15 pre-sets for interpreting activities, so that every tutor can easily start and manage an activity, even if he uses the system rarely.
  • A system check to ensure that the system will work smoothly
  • Coloured LED indicator on the teacher microphone to distinguish between normal use and intercom
  • The ability to stream both audio and video media files
  • Global and students-specific markers to quickly mark instances that should be reviewed or where feedback must be provided.
  • Support for dual booths, with
    • optionally 2 separate logins for the 2 interpreters
    • Intercom per student and/or per booth
  • Booth camera recording
  • Configurable room layouts
  • Support for external sources, such as microphones, guest speaker laptops, …
  • A new and more reliable recording mechanism for longer recordings
  • H264/VCA video codec instead of MPEG-4 for better video quality and to enable HD video streaming
  • Full HD desktop streaming
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