What's new in interpreterQ 1.4?


interpreterQ 1.4 contains the following new features:

Central management of the interpreterQ Media Player settings

In interpreterQ 1.4, it is possible to define the audio and video settings for the interpreterQ Media Player software on all student PCs at once. The teacher can define the settings once, and copy them to all booths so all students use the same settings. 


Note: This is only possible in interpreterQ Media Player when it is part of an interpreterQ setup, and available on both the teacher PC and the student PCs. This is not possible when you work with the stand-alone interpreterQ Media Player. 

Disabling student microphones in restricted mode

The administrator can activate a new setting to remotely control student microphones in restricted mode. When this setting is enabled, student microphones are automatically switched on when an activity starts in restricted mode and switched off when the activity stops. 


Adding markers when an activity is finished

Markers are a great way for the teacher to quickly indicate a moment in a student's interpretation that he wants to revisit or discuss afterward. In interpreterQ 1.4, it is also possible to add markers not only during the interpreting activity but also afterward. 

Markers can also contain textual comments to explain what is wrong or to provide constructive feedback to the students. 


Specifying a threshold for the disk space on student and teacher PCs

Because recordings can take a lot of disk space, the administrator can now define when a warning must be displayed about low disk space on both the students and teacher PCs. 


When there is less disk space on a PC than the defined threshold, a warning message will appear:


The teacher can clean up PCs and make disk space available again by clicking the "?" icon in the warning message:


Specifying the maximum length of a recording

An administrator can specify the maximum length of a recording. By default, this is set to 2 hours, but this setting can be changed to any value between 15 minutes and 2 hours.


When the length of a recording activity exceeds the configured setting, a popup will appear forcing the teacher to stop the activity. If the teacher does not stop the activity, it will be stopped automatically after 1 minute. 


Redesign of the Recordings screen

To optimise the usability of the interpreterQ application, the Recordings screen has been redesigned. 

The overview of activities is now a clear list indicating the name, date, type of activity, and number of recordings. The teacher can search this list to find the activities that are relevant:


Further, the teacher can click through to the details screen of an activity to review and share a specific recording. He can return to the overview screen using the breadcrumb trail or the menu on the left-hand side. 


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