Release notes assessmentQ 1.0

What is assessmentQ?

assessmentQ is the new name for Edumatic. Its features are still the same, the content is still there, the accounts remain the same, but the main difference is that backoffice users can now sign in and work in a new environment to create items.

assessmentQ will grow step by step, as the existing Edumatic modules will be replaced with every release. The first module that is available in assessmentQ is the itembank.

What does this mean for you?

For end users (candidates, employees, students, ...) nothing changes.

For backoffice users:

  • all your content remains available in the item bank
  • your existing accounts continue to work
  • you can still sign in to and access the assessmentQ backoffice via the dropdown at the top right of the portal screen
  • and you can now also sign in to <yoursubdomain> to see and use the new item bank.

Note: Backoffice users can no longer use Internet Explorer to create and edit items. More information

In this release note

We will first explain what's new in assessmentQ, and then what's new in the modules that are not yet part of assessmentQ.

New features in assessmentQ:

New features in other modules:

Let's explain these features in a little more detail. 

New navigation between the different modules

assessmentQ contains 7 different modules:

  • Authoring
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Users
  • Metadata
  • Portal
  • My account


Some modules are only available for administrators.

Each module contains submodules. For example, the Authoring module contains the following submodules:

  • Items
  • Publications
  • Scenarios
  • Publication templates (formerly called player templates)
  • Media


Items is the only module that is already available in the Authoring module in assessmentQ 1.0. The other submodules link to the former Edumatic backoffice.

New user interface and item overview

The new user interface lets the authors:

  • personalise the item overview
  • use the available screen space as optimally as possible
  • customise the interface depending on their needs and tasks.

More information

Powerful search function

In the new Items module you can search on:

  • folder and item name
  • author
  • item type

More information

5 supported item types

In the assessmentQ backoffice, you see all items you have access to.
You can already edit the following item types:

  • Information page (formerly Content item)
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple response
  • Fill gaps
  • Case (formerly Casus)

The item types you cannot edit in the assessmentQ backoffice still have to be edited in the Edumatic backoffice.

More information

Easy authoring

When creating items, there are a number of very useful new features in assessmentQ:

  • Autosave
  • Undo
  • New HTML editor used for item content, feedback, hint, etc
  • Embedding third party videos (YouTube, Vimeo, …)
  • Switching item types (currently only supported for switching between multiple choice and multiple response)
  • Using full screen mode in the editor
  • Drag and drop the instructions and answer blocks next to each other to create flexible layouts


The assessmentQ player supports all the new features and layouts.

More information

Integration of Edumail and Certification modules

Edumail is integrated in the assessmentQ backoffice as a submodule in the Scheduling module:

The certification module is integrated in the assessmentQ backoffice as well. It is a submodule of the Reporting module:

More information about Edumail and Certification.

Visual editor for math equations and chemistry formulas

WIRIS is a visual editor for math equations and chemistry formulas.

We have integrated the WIRIS editor in the HTML editor in the assessmentQ backoffice. This will allow you, as an author, to use complex math and chemistry formulas in your items.

More information

In-app guidance and help

We have integrated step-by-step tutorials and tips to guide our users in the assessmentQ backoffice.

We invite you to have a look at the onboarding task list that will help you to get a good understanding of the backoffice.

Updates in session reporting

In a session report:

  • The Print button has been moved to the left pane.
  • A new button View has been added to open the session of the user in the assessmentQ player.
    The session is opened in review mode, i.e. no changes can be made.
    The correction and solution are shown.

Click this button when the item view cannot be shown in the right pane:

New API calls

Two new API calls have been added to the Open API:

  • GetAllGroups: Method to retrieve all the groups in the channel (to which the user has access).
  • UpdateGroup: Method to update the name, description, and/or external ID of a group.

The call CreateGroup has been extended with the possibility to add an external ID allowing third party software to couple on group ID instead of on group name.

Integrated help in Edumatic backoffice

We have integrated the Knowledge Base in the Edumatic backoffice.
To access the Knowledge Base from the Edumatic backoffice, click the Help button at the top right of the backoffice banner:

Optimisation for scenarios

  • The number of available items in a scenario is now calculated in the background allowing the scenario to be opened faster.

Patches Edumatic 3.30.0

  • Player:
    Open question: Optimisation for open questions in case the instruction is copied to the answer field.
  • Workspace:
    Optimisation for preview in workspace of folders containing only casus items.
  • Publications:
    • Optimisation for saving images in copies of publications.
    • Optimisation for images in publication printout.
  • Reporting:
    • Optimisation for reporting of inactive users including Excel export
    • Update for reporting of SCORM sessions:
      • SCORM sessions remain permanently open
      • The highest score obtained in a session is retained
      • Results are nightly pushed to external platforms
  • API:
    Update for creating sessions for test publications.
  • LTI:
    • Optimisation for language setting for users created through LTI.
    • Optimisation for session creation for test publications.

Known issues

  • Creation of Matrix questions: inline images are disabled in header fields of Matrix questions.
  • Support for IE11:
    Please note that Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Edge as your default browser. Edge is a faster and more productive way to browse the web than IE11.
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