What you should know

Edumatic becomes assessmentQ

Starting February 12, 2019, Edumatic has been re-branded as assessmentQ. 

assessmentQ is an advanced online platform that supports

  • assessment for learning (interactive learning based on questions, with the objective to learn), and
  • assessment of learning (tests or exams measuring your knowledge at a particular time)

Evolution, no revolution

assessmentQ is not a brand new product, it is an evolution from Edumatic. Module per module of the former Edumatic get a new interface, new features and new possibilities.

The first module is the itembank, other modules will follow release per release.

What does that mean for you?

As an end user

If you are an end user completing an exercise module or an exam, nothing changes.

As a backoffice user (author, coach, administrator)

If you were an author, coach or administrator in Edumatic, then you will

  • get access to new modules in assessmentQ via <yoursubdomain>.assessmentq.com
  • still have access to modules that have not been updated yet in Edumatic. 

A Single Sign-On between assessmentQ and Edumatic ensures you can switch between both environments easily.

Both environments contains all navigation links to all modules, so you will never get lost. 



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