Customising the items overview and interface

Items overview

When opening the Items module, you see the folders and items displayed in a table. 

As an author, you can customise the table allowing you to display only the information that is important to you. 

To customize the table view, click on the table icon  in the upper right corner:

  • (de)select the columns of your choice.
  • optionnaly, add the metadata you want to see in the overview table.


Items interface

As an author, you can customize the interface in order to use the available screen space as optimally as possible.

In the example below you see the following areas:

  1. Navigation bar of the Authoring module
    You can collapse the navigation bar by clicking on the arrow at the bottom. 
  2. Tree with folders and subfolders
    You can hide this tree by clicking on the cross at the top right. 
  3. Content space with breadcrumb at the top 
  4. Properties pane for items and folders
    You can hide the property pane by clicking on the cross at the top right.  


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