Adding an asset to an item

 You can add a media file to the content or interaction block of an item. This can be a link, an image, a video, an audio file or a document


Adding a link

By adding the URL, the link will appear in your content block. Choose whether or not you want the link to open in a new tab by checking the box.

Adding an image

  • You can upload an image from your own computer. upload_image.png
  • You can also add an image by URL. url_image.png

Note: Make sure you use the proper image address, not for example the google address. Right click on the image you want to insert en select Copy image address

Adding a video

  • You can add a video by URL.
  • You can also upload a video from your own computer.

Adding an audio file

You can select the audio file you want from your own computer

Adding a document

You can select the document you want from your own computer.

Aligning an asset

You can align a link, a video, a sound clip and a document (left, right, fill out and center) using Align at the top of the content block.
However, centering an image is not possible via the image alignment options. This is done in the following way:

  • You choose None under Align in the image options.
  • Then select the image as you would select text, with your cursor.
  • Choose Align Center at the alignment button in the toolbar.
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