Release notes assessmentQ 1.9

In these release notes

assessmentQ 1.9 contains several new features and improvements:

We also want to remind all backoffice users to install the Edumatic application.

New item type: Recording

The Recording item can be used for

  • assessment of speaking, pronunciation, or presentation skills
  • assessment of simultaneous or consecutive interpreting skills
  • recordings of oral exams.


The Recording item contains a number of options that allow you to customise the item to your own specific use case:

  • Consecutive recording: when you enable consecutive recording, the recording will start automatically when the source file has been played back completely.
  • Recording the webcam: in some cases, it is very useful to actually see the user's gestures and presentation skills. 
  • Showing or hiding the Play button: allows you to define if the user can first play back the source file without recording anything yet, so as a kind of preparation. 
  • Limiting the number of attempts: Allows you to define how many times the user can start a new recording. Each recording will overwrite the previous one.


A Recording item cannot be scored automatically, therefore the scoring mechanism of the Recording item is always "Manual scoring". This implies that Recording items are always scored in the Grading module.


More information

Support for zip files

assessmentQ 1.9 now supports zip files in attachments in all item types.

Why? There are plenty of use cases where zip files can be useful, for example when testing the programming skills of your users, by letting them download a zip file with several files with code that they must manipulate in their editor. You can ask them to analyse the files and answer a multiple-choice or fill gaps question about it. 

The player in Catalan

To optimally support assessmentQ users worldwide, it is useful if they can see the player in their native language. Therefore, the player is now also available in Catalan. This is the tenth officially supported language in assessmentQ, after English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Luxembourgish.


Reminder: install the Edumatic application

As we are running closer and closer to the end of 2020, and thus to the end of Flash support in modern browsers, it is crucial for our backoffice users to install the Edumatic application, which will allow them to seamlessly continue to work with Edumatic when the browsers have dropped Flash support. 

The Edumatic backoffice will therefore show a notification urging all users to move to the Edumatic application:


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