Fill gaps in text



Proceed as follows to create/edit a Fill gaps in text:

  1. Click  in the folder in which you want to add your item. 
  2. Select Fill gaps in text.
    Result: The content pane of the item is opened.
  3. Enter the item name in the breadcrumb at the top.
  4. Select + Add block to add a content block and fill in the instruction.
  5. Enter the text with gaps in the answer block. To add a text gap, click on the desired location for the gap and select + Gap.fill_gaps_1.PNG
  6. Select the gap and enter the correct answer(s) in the Gap tab in the Properties pane. 
  7. Click Preview to try out your item.

Additional options

assessmentQ provides a few more possibilities when you create a fill gaps in text item:

  • Add wrong answer(s).
  • Indicate whether an empty answer is correct (by default it is wrong). You can also override the default score for correct answers only for this empty answer, and add answer-specific feedback.
  • Add an input mask.

    Note: for more information on input masks, read this article.

  • Determine if characters can already be visible in the gap by selecting the number of fixed characters.
  • Determine if the gap should already contain text by adding content in the pre-filled text.




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