Multiple response


This item type works in the same way as a regular multiple choice (with only one correct answer). The only difference is that more than one option can be correct.


Proceed as follows to create/edit a Multiple response:

  1. Click + Add in the folder in which you want to add your item.
  2. Select Multiple response.
    Result: The content pane of the item is opened.
  3. Enter the item name in the breadcrumb at the top.
  4. Click in the content block and fill in the instruction.
  5. Click + Add block if you want to add additional content blocks.
  6. Click in the interaction block and enter the choices:
    • Click + Choice if you want to add additional choices.
    • Check off the correct box(es).
  7. Click Preview to try out your item.

Item specific options 

See the item specific options of Multiple choice.

Additional options

Learn more about adding assets, adding feedback, selecting the correct scoring mechanism etc. in The assessmentQ itembank.

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