Adding WIRIS math and chemistry formulas to an item


WIRIS ( is a visual editor for math equations and chemistry formulas.

The WIRIS editor is integrated in the HTML editor in the assessmentQ item bank. This will allow you, as an author, to use complex math and chemistry formulas in your items.

Note: Customers who are interested in using the Wiris editor, need to purchase a WIRIS license (the MathType for LMS and CMS license). For more information, contact Televic Education via


To insert a WIRIS math or chemistry formula, click the math or chemistry icon:


What happens to your previously inserted LaTeX formulas?

  • When you have a WIRIS license:

    Your existing LaTeX formulas are converted to an SVG by a WIRIS service.

    This WIRIS service does not support the entire LaTeX alphabet. As a consequence, some formulas may not be converted automatically. In that case, the author will see the LaTeX formula in the assessmentQ editor, not its visual representation.

  • When you don't have a WIRIS license:

    As an author, you will see the LaTeX formula in the editor when working on an item. You can change the formula, but LaTeX knowledge is required.
    Dans ce cas, n'oubliez pas de mettre la formule entre les signes de double dollar : $$x^2$$$.

    The assessmentQ player will render LaTeX correctly independent of the presence of a WIRIS license. As a result, the LaTeX formulas will be properly displayed to the end user.

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