Changing the choices order in multiple choice and multiple response

Proceed as follows to set a randomized order for the choices in Multiple choice and Multiple response items:

  1. In the Publications module, select In creation or To validate.
  2. Click Edit  in the rightmost column next to the publication you want to edit.
  3. Select the Player template tab.
  4. Select Settings on item level.
  5. Under Setting for multiple choice items, select one of the following orders in the drop-down box:
    • Shuffled
      The options are put in a completely random order to the user.
    • Shuffled with first fixed
      All options, except for the first one, are put in a random order.
    • Shuffled with last fixed
      All options, except for the last one, are put in a random order.
    • Unspecified
      The order you, as an author, fixed in the item bank will be shown to the user.
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