Creating items


In the assessmentQ backoffice, items are created in the Items module. The Items module is a submodule in the Authoring module.  More information.

You can create the following item types in the assessmentQ backoffice:

  • Information page
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple response
  • Multiple choice matrix
  • Fill gaps in text
  • Case
  • Dropdown in text
  • Drag and drop in text
  • Drag and drop in columns
  • Order vertically
  • Matching

The procedure below describes the creation of a multiple choice in the assessmentQ backoffice.


Proceed as follows to create a new item:

  1. Open the Items module and go to the folder in which you want to create your item and click  at the top right.
  2. Select the item type of your choice.
    Result: The content pane is opened.
  3. Enter the name of your item in the breadcrumb at the top. Click outside the name field to confirm.
  4. Enter the instruction:
    • Click in the content block.

      Result: The text editor is opened. You can now enter text, images, video, etc. More information.
    • Click Add block to add one or more additional content blocks.
      The advantage of working with multiple content blocks is that you can reposition them next to each other. More information.
  5. Click in the answer block to enter your question.

    Note: The procedure to enter your question differs depending on the item type you selected. More information.

  6. Click Preview to try out your item.
  7. If your item is ready to be used in an assignment, change the status to Approved in the Item tab.

Next step

3. Publishing items from a folder 

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