Multiple choice matrix


The Multiple choice matrix is a multiple choice exercise built like a table. The columns (except the first column) contain radio buttons for the answers.


Proceed as follows to create/edit a Multiple choice matrix:

  1. Click  in the folder in which you want to add your item.
  2. Select Multiple choice matrix.
    Result: The content pane of the item is opened.
  3. Enter the item name in the breadcrumb at the top.
  4. Select + Add block to add a content block and fill in your instruction.
  5. Complete your matrix in the answer block:
    • By default, 2 rows and 2 columns are available. Click + Row or + Column to add an extra row or an extra column.
    • To delete a row or a column, click .
    • Click in the heading of the rows or columns to add questions and answers.
    • Select the correct answers.
  6. Click Preview to try out your item.

Item specific options

When you open the tab Item, you can  change the item type Multiple choice matrix to: 


When you click in the answer block and open the tab Block, you can:

  • show the table border or not. 
  • make the borders of the rows and columns thicker.
  • give every odd row a background color
  • choose the direction of the matrix: one answer per row or one answer per column.

Answer specific feedback

Next to the general feedback, you can optionally add feedback for each answer separately: 

  1. Click on the choice you want to add feedback to.
    Result: the tab Choice will open.
  2. Add feedback When correct.
    When the choice is correctly selected or not selected, this feedback will appear.
  3. Add feedback When wrong.
    When the choice is wrongly selected or not selected, this feedback will appear.

Additional options

Learn more about adding assets, adding feedback, selecting the correct scoring mechanism etc. in the section The assessmentQ itembank.

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