Drag and drop in text


Proceed as follows to create/edit a Drag and drop in text:

  1. Click  in the folder in which you want to add your item.
  2. Select Drag and drop in text.
    Result: The content pane of the item is opened.
  3. Enter the item name in the breadcrumb at the top.
  4. Click in the content block and add instructions.
  5. Select + Add block to add an additional block.
  6. Click in the interaction block:
    1. Fill in your instructions.
    2. To add a dropzone, click on the desired location for the zone and select + Add dropzone.
  7. Select the gap and enter the correct answer(s) in the Gap tab in the Properties pane (See Answer specific options).
  8. Click Preview to try out your item.

Answer specific options

Select a dropzone in the interaction block to fill in the answer specific options for this dropzone. You can:

  • Enter one or more correct answers.
    To add feedback, click on the feedback icon:
  • Add wrong answer(s).
  • Indicate whether an empty answer is correct (by default it is wrong) and add feedback for this empty answer.
  • Add a hint or feedback to a dropzone. This can be text, but also a link, an image, a video, audio or a file.
  • Switch between the gaps.

Item specific options

When you open the Item tab, you can change the item type Drag and drop in text to:


Additional options

Find out more about adding extra media, adding feedback, selecting the right scoring system, ... in the assessmentQ item bank.


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