Creating a new assignment


Proceed as follows to manually create a new assignment:

  1. Go to the Assignments module in Authoring and select +Add.
    Result: The Add assignment popup appears.
  2. Select the type of assignment you want to add: an exercise or an exam. 
    Result: The Overview tab of the assignment appears. 
  3. Enter the name of the assignment, and optionally a description. Your settings will be autosaved. 
  4. Click the Items tab. 
    Result: You will see that your assignment contains one empty part by default.
  5. Select the part and click the Add items button. 
    Result: The Add items popup appears.
  6. Select one or more items or folders and click Add
    Result: The popup is closed and the selected items have been added to the selected part. 
  7. To add another part, click the Add part button and repeat steps 5 and 6.
  8. Click the Behavior tab and select the assignment template you want to use.
  9. If your assignment is an exam, click the Security tab and select the security settings you want to apply.

    Tip: For more information, see Securing your assignment with Safe Exam Browser

  10. Click the Result tab, define what you want to show to the user when he finishes the assignment, and choose if you want to send a confirmation e-mail, and which review template must be used for the review. 

    Tip: The default messages that are displayed when you pass or fail the assignment are defined in the selected assignment template. 

    Result: Your assignment is saved automatically and is ready to be reviewed or approved. 
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