About assignments

Types of assignments

There are three types of assignments in assessmentQ:

  • Exercises
  • Exams
  • SCORM assignments

The Assignments module allows you to create exercises and exams. The SCORM assignments module is a separate module. 

Note: If the SCORM assignments module is not activated for you, please contact your account manager. SCORM assignments also have certain limitations in assessmentQ. for more information, see SCORM support in assessmentQ.

Exams vs exercises

The main differences between exams and exercises are:

Exam Exercise
An exam tests the users' knowledge on a certain subject. An exercise is meant for users to do practice and learn from their mistakes.
Users can take an exam only once. Users can take an exercise an unlimited number of times.
By default, exams do not show the correction, feedback, or solution on item level.  Exercises show the correction, feedback, and solution on item level. 


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