Overview of assignment statuses


An assignment can have one of the following statuses:

  • Draft
    This is the first status of an assignment. It is typically the status where you create and modify your assignment, until it has the content and the settings you want to use. In Draft, an assignment can always be edited. All changes are autosaved. 
  • To be reviewed
    When you have finished creating the assignment, and you want a third person (e.g. a colleague or supervisor) to check and review the assignment, you can send a notification mail to this person and the assignment will automatically get the status To be reviewed
  • Reviewed
    When an assignment has been reviewed, the reviewer can change its status to Reviewed, indicating to the author that the review process has been finished. 
  • Approved
    When you approve an assignment, it can be scheduled for your users, employees or candidates. Even when an assignment has been approved, you can still edit it. However, when the assignment has been started by a user, its status will change to Live and it can no longer be edited. 
  • Live
    When an assignment has been started by at least one user, its status changes to Live automatically. At this stage, the assignment can no longer be edited,  as this could influence the results of the assignment, and thus its validity. To edit a Live assignment, you need to duplicate it first.
  • Archived
    Live assignments (and their results) cannot be deleted. You can, however, archive live assignments. They are then moved to the Archive and get the status Archived.
    By default, the results of archived assignments are not displayed in the Reporting module, but you can still display them if you want. 
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