Uploading your logo


As an administrator, you can upload your own logo in assessmentQ. The uploaded logo is used in:

  • The PDF export of access codes.
  • The header of all e-mails except for the mails that are sent from the Edumail module (as you can define your own e-mail templates in Edumail). 

Note: The logo is not used in the theme of your assessmentQ environment (portal and player). To update the logo in your assessmentQ environment, contact Televic Education via support@televic-education.com.


Proceed as follows to upload your logo:

    1. Open the Layout module in Settings.
    2. Browse to and upload your logo.
      Result: your logo is uploaded. 


  • The maximum file size for the logo is 5MB
  • All common image formats (jpg, gif, png, …) are allowed.
  • Animated gifs are not allowed.
  • The uploaded logo is converted to a .png image of 60 pixels heigh.
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