Creating a SCORM assignment


In assessmentQ it is possible to play SCORM packages. This is a separate module that is only activated for a few customers.

Note: If you want to activate SCORM packages in your assessmentQ environment, please contact your account manager. 

As SCORM packages are created in third-party authoring tools, and thus not in assessmentQ, you will have fewer possibilities when you work with them in assessmentQ, for example:

  • You cannot send a SCORM assignment for review to someone else
  • The statuses To be reviewed and Reviewed therefore do not apply to SCORM packages. 
  • You do not have an Items tab, a Behavior tab, a Security tab or a Results tab for SCORM assignments in assessmentQ, as the content and behaviour of the SCORM package are defined in other tools. 
  • You cannot send a confirmation e-mail to a user who has completed a SCORM package. 
  • Assignment templates do not apply to SCORM packages. 


To create a SCORM assignment in assessmentQ, proceed as follows:

  1. In the SCORM assignments module, click Add.
    Result: a new SCORM assignment is created. It has the status Draft. 
  2. Enter the name of the assignment in the top bar. 
  3. In the Overview tab, enter an (optional) description of the SCORM assignment. You can also share it with other backoffice users under Access. 
  4. On the SCORM package tab, select an existing SCORM package on your PC and define whether or not you want to display the header of the assessmentQ player on top of the SCORM package. 
  5. Click the Approve button to approve the assignment. 
    Result: You can schedule the SCORM assignment just like any other assignment in assessmentQ. 
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