About monitoring

About monitoring

The Monitoring module allows you to supervise your exam in real time in assessmentQ.

You can find the Monitoring module in the main menu of the assessmentQ backoffice:


Note: Monitoring is not possible when you use offline packages as monitoring requires an internet connection.

Monitoring features

In the Monitoring module you can: 

  • see the progress of every participant in the exam.
  • see if participants have internet connection issues.
  • see from which IP address the participant starts a session.
  • report an incident (so it is stored in the session history of the participants involved).
  • see the SEB Quit password to allow users to quit SEB again in case of a problem.
  • export an attendance list, showing all participants who have started the exam.
  • view and export the session history to share a detailed log of all exam events with other people.

The assessmentQ Monitoring module also offers you the tools to intervene in the session of a participant in case of issues. As a supervisor you can:

  • send a message to participants 
  • add extra time to the session of one or more participants
  • unlock, finish and re-open one or more sessions

Note: As the connection between the participant's PC and the assessmentQ server is checked every 30 seconds, it may take up to 30 seconds for an action in the monitoring module to have an effect on the participant’s PC.  

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